On an international level, more than 60 highly qualified experts who speak foreign languages and have professional experience are at our partners’ disposal, thus we are able to provide extensive personnel services without involving subcontractors.

  • With the help of our up-to-date database, we manage more than 7,000 people annually.
  • The number of people leased out to our biggest partner exceeds 800.
  • The ISO 9001 quality assurance system guarantees a constantly high quality of service.
  • We lease out a large number of employees with a reduced capacity to work to our partners.
  • Our company group has an accredited advisor certification in the areas of Finance – Tax – Accounting; Management, Administration; Employment and Occupational safety.
  • In addition to our Hungarian, Romanian, Italian and French offices, the international scope of our company group covers Austria and Germany as well.

The 4 main reasons why you should choose us

  • We will find the most appropriate colleagues for you and help to keep them.
  • Our international experience is combined with regional knowledge, which we leverage to the benefit of our clients.
  • We make sure that our colleagues receive continuous and versatile training.
  • We develop the HR strategy ensuring your company’s competitive strength tailored to your needs.
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We started off

The predecessor of the Passion4Work group was established. The company offers consultancy in the areas of business, finances and human resources.

The Passion4Work group is established

Personnel services begin to play an increasing role for the company. Due to the growth in size, the activities are grouped into independent firms.

ISO 9001:2009
quality management system

In order to guarantee a constantly high level of service, our company group introduces the ISO quality assurance system and extends it to its operations.

Presence in Romania

The Romanian partner office joins the company group

Accredited advisor certification

The company group obtains the accredited advisor certification in the areas of Finance – Tax – Accounting; Management, Administration; Employment and Occupational safety.

Branching out towards the German and Austrian markets

Finding employment for and leasing out the first workers to German and Austrian partners.

Green office project

In our offices we place particular emphasis on using environment-friendly and recycled materials and energy-saving appliances and on selective waste collection.

Expansion in Italy

Our employment and workforce leasing practices continue in another European country. Our office in Rome is opened.

Passion4Work appears in Paris

The number of workers leased out to French firms makes it necessary to open an office in Paris.
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Our company, Eismann, has been working with the Passion4Work group for several years. They provide temporary staff, making our work more effective and more successful. Their colleagues are very helpful and provide professional service – we can contact them with any question, any time.

Eissmann Automotive

Lénárt Krisztián
Gazdasági vezető


At Passion4Work, being an employer of thousands of people, we can say that we have become an integral part of - and help shape society in those European regions where we are present. We are aware of the importance of our activities and our responsibilities. We consider it important to help those in need through our activities and donations and promote the development of our environment and society.